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Hello all. I have a movie of 1hr 42 minutes and everytime i click on a clip it takes the software a ~15 seconds to actually select it. If I click again the software gets in “none responding” mode.
Could sb help to understand why is this happening.
My laptop is i9 with 32GB ram and GTX1600. I have enabled hardware enoder and also proxy files.
Thank you.

Do you use preview scaling?

Talking about your system specs, it’s fair enough to do some heavy tasks, but video editing is a task which can take a lot of ram, I too switched from an 32GB machine to 256GB machine because it was also filling 32GB, the maximum usage I have reached in ram till now is 135GB, the cycle never ends, try to reboot your system, close and open shotcut, closing all background apps, to get some speed. Hardware encoding only works for export (perhaps), in preview scaling set the resolution to 360p to get the fastest speed. It’s not really a bug, problem with shotcut or so, it’s just the system that is good but video editing is filling up it’s ram.

Hope some of the above helps you.

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Hi Ar_D. I had preview scalling at 540p. I will put in 360p and see. My Ram is not full. right now I see 14GB filled only. thanks,

It happens even the ram isn’t full, it’s just the processes that makes it slow. CPU usage is also a part of the performance, it does all the process, so it can also make shotcut slow.

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restarted and closed all apps that i could close but dont see a difference :frowning:

Can you get a log file of shotcut:-

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I use a 32GB RAM laptop with no special CPU or GPU and SC is still quite responsive. Honestly i rarely do 90 min. video, but i had around 60 min. in SC with probably 60 - 100 clips and lots of filters, cuts etc. It was still responsive when selecting a clip, track or whatever. It can be time consuming when you enlarge your timeline scale and searching for the clip you were looking for. But i dont use the very latest version, maybe your problem is version depending?

Yes, it is slow on long video files but not usually like that. Wait for the audio waveform to finish building and/or you can turn them off if you do not need them in Timeline > menu Options > Show Audio Waveforms. If you do not plan to use all of the video (full length), it helps to first trim in the Source player before adding it to the Timeline to keep the timeline shorter.

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here is the application log. found this error in the log:
[Error ] <MLT> [producer_xml] failed to load producer "blank"

Shootcut_log.txt (132.3 KB)

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