Selected filter changes when you choose another layout

Today I noticed that the selected filter is not maintained when we change the layout (the first filter in the list is selected).
I was thinking about what would be the advantages of doing this, and I don’t finish seeing it.
This current behavior forces you to select the filter again when you change the layout.
Is this by design?
For example, the position of the playhead is maintained in all the layouts (it does not return to the beginning of the project) and I understand that this is so because we can continue with the audio or color adjustments, more precisely in the layouts configured especially for this, at the same point.

Shotcut 20.11.28 - Windows 10

Additional note:
I found that this also happens when I minimize the Shotcut window and then restore it.

It is not by design but rather a side effect. It would take quite a bit of work to address it, and this work is often a thing that can lead to a new bug. Maybe someday there will be a polish fix in this area, but there is much more important work pressing.

The side effect is not so decisive as to categorize it as a failure, so that’s enough for me.
I just thought it was something to report.
Thank you. :+1:

The filter selection also changes when we select another timeline clip and then want to come back.
This hinders when we want to compare the settings done on different clips!
(To access filter settings we have to select it. This selection gets lost when changing or re-changing the clip).
This issue is maybe easier to fix than the described loss on design-change)?

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