Select all to left/right

I checked the roadmap and did a search and I couldn’t find anything exactly like this. I apologize in advance if I missed it. Would it be possible to add a “Select All clips to left/right” in either the current track or all tracks option in the timeline? Example:

  • I have 3 video and 3 audio tracks and the playhead is in the middle of a 2 minute video
  • I have 27 clips to the right of where the playhead is currently located, spread across multiple video and audio tracks, and 15 clips to the left
  • I could have an option to either select all 27 clips to the right, or only the 5 that are on the currently-selected track.
  • and another option to select the 15 to the left, or the 3 on the current track

It’s not a single key press, but if you click on a clip in the timeline, hold shift, and then (while holding shift), click on another clip, it will select all the clips inbetween the two. (Not across tracks tho afaik)