Secondary Colour Correction

I’m a noob, who uses & loves Shotcut. So, I’ve found that practically the only & only thing missing from FOSS video editing on Linux is secondary colour correction tools, Lab adjustment curves (HH, HC, HL, etc.), a kind of mask as a scope to make colour corrections easier by focusing on the region of interest. I found the tools already existing in RawTherapee & Darktable, as well as in Natron & the blue banana tool in Cinelerra GG Infinity. The former ones are better though in my opinion, nevertheless, I wanted to port them into Shotcut, Flowblade & Kdenlive, starting with shotcut. I know basic programming, but haven’t worked on any full GUI app, save in web development. The colour bits I can do, but for the rest, I’m in need of guidance, even suggestions on reading material and like would do, like what to read and where to start things. So, just posting it here, if anyone can help me.

I hope this is a good place to post this.

You can already do secondary using the mask filters, which occasionally expands. For additional color filters you might want to look at what is already available through the engine’s usage of frei0r plugins and FFmpeg filters. Then you can read the following about Shortcut integration:

If you still want to add a new color filter, then choose a library project to include it in (not the GUI app).

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Thank You, I’m looking into it. Also, the Key Spill: Advanced Filter contains the exact same thing in a different UI. I just realized. But thank you, this will help a lot. :heart:

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