Second B-Roll Video made only with a Pixel 3A and Shotcut - 1st whip pan transition

Hello All,

This is my second B-Roll Video made only with a Pixel 3A and Shotcut.
I used a Moment Telephoto lens in certain shots and variable ND filters to keep the same shutter speed.
As a test I “forced” white balance to 4500K.
I also tested something “different” for the whip pan transition. No Photoshop or Gimp was used.
I only used the Size, Position & Rotate with the Blur:Box filters. Transition starts at 00:56:14.
Feedback is most welcome.



The end screen says 30fps with 1/50th shutter. I applaud everyone who avoids 24fps and breaks the 180 degree shutter angle rule. The close-up shot of your feet walking down the path was much smoother with these settings than 24fps would have looked. Nicely done, and beautiful area to film!

Hi Austin,

Thank you for your comments.
I think that 30 fps works best for Youtube and 1/50th shutter is the right value for motion blur…
On my previous B-Roll video, I converted everything to 25 fps to obey the 180 degree shutter rule but I think that didn’t payed off the extra amount of time spent with the conversion.
Sharing the lessons learned: The Hohem iSteady v2 is too weak if you are using ND filters, forcing 4500K for white balance was, perhaps, a bit too much. I’m currently working on a OPUS-3 where I’m using 4100/4000K and the results are way better…
Don’t buy the Inca 3500 tripod! I broke it when working on OPUS-3. I only used that tripod for the OPUS videos…
OPUS-3 will be the last Pixel 3A video. I will move on to a Lumix FZ200 but I will need to adapt my workflow…

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