Scrub Audio not working in newest version (18.05.08)

For some reason the Scrub Audio feature is no longer working since the most recent update. I do have it toggled on in the settings - I even toggled it off and then back on again to see if that would help - but I can no longer hear audio when dragging or advancing frame by frame. I’m using the 64-bit Windows edition.

It works for me, but it does depend a lot on the format of the file believe it or not. Also, in my brief test, I think it was working better in previous versions and maybe the changes we made for multi-channel audio have degraded it (audio scrubbing) some.

Is there a way to… un-degrade it? lol It could very well be because of the file format (.MOV from a 7-year-old point & shoot), but unfortunately not having the scrubbing makes editing more difficult - I have odd speech patterns that don’t always line up with the audio clipping, so being able to pinpoint exactly where my speech starts and stops via scrubbing is tremendously helpful.

I think only way I know is to downgrade to v18.03.

Some observations:

  • Audio scrubbing seems to work perfectly (for me) when playing a clip faster than real time (click the FF button)

  • Audio scrubbing while dragging works pretty well (for me) when the clip is audio only (I tested with an MP3)

  • Audio scrubbing while dragging struggled for me when the clip had video, but the video was also struggling to update while I dragged. I perceived that the audio was making sounds about as fast as the picture was updating while I dragged the cursor.

  • In my past experience, audio was always spotty when stepping frame-by-frame. I think the audio would only make a sound with about every other frame step.

Yeah, the most noticeable degradation is when stepping frame-by-frame using the cursor keys. Holding down the key with key-repeat makes it work better but then may be too fast for some use case scenarios. It’s worth taking a look if you are curious enough - something with the time between frame requests.