Scrolling text wont work

Tell me why when I make a scrolling html text it is so small that I can hardly see it. I have tried everything to size but it dose not get any bigger nor will it change color. What am I doing wrong?

Well, not everything - yet.
Use the HTML editor menu to set the font size.
Make sure the text is select, then use Format>Font size

Ok Steve I’m new to this html stuff. But give me a minute and I will give it a shot.

didn’t work I opened it clicked on font size and it didn’t work when I open format and try to click on font size nothing happens.

Did you save the HTML file immediately after making your changes? You need to do a save to update what’s on the screen.

As mentioned by RBE, you have to ‘Save’ your changes.
Sorry I failed to mention this, I assumed that would be intuitive.

Yes unless you can only make 1 change at a time.

I seen where you where at on the font size but when I go in there I can click on just about everything but the font size. I can click on color change and different fonts but not the size

Clearly you’re doing something incorrectly.
Have a look at this short video please.
(Watch on Youtube)

do you have to use the notepad to get things started.

No. Just press ‘New’

this is what I get.

Of course it is, you pressed ‘New’ and now Shotcut wants you to save a file name for the ‘New’ HTML.
Just navigate to the desktop (for example) and type a name. You don’t need to even keep it afterwards unless you want to re-use it on another video.

By the way, your computer date is well out :smiley:

I watched this on youtube but I think it was old video and ther was some changes

Windows 10 best I can do

Got it now when i want it to scroll do I have to put all that mombo jombo in

No idea what you mean by that.

body stuff

You asked how to make HTML font size larger, I have explained and showed this.
Also I showed how to change color.
The rest is up to you.