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Hello! I’m trying to create a scrolling band of movie clips on one side of the main movie image. The band needs to have about 25 separate film clips, scrolling vertically down the screen in a continuous strip, with about three images visable at any one time, so they need to be 360 pixels from top to bottom (end product will be 1080 resolution).
When I export the “band”, I can only see three images. Moving it reveals none at either end of the strip.

Any bright ideas?

If this is what you want to do, it’s easy, but needs a lot of copying and pasting.

Used 9 videos for the vertical scroll.
Added the videos to the timeline. Split the first clip at the 1 sec mark then put a split every 4 seconds. Split the second clip at the 2 sec mark then split every 4 seconds. Split the third clip at the 3 sec mark then split every 4 seconds. The 4th and the rest of the clips were split every 4 seconds.

Use the Size and position filter set to fit center middle size, 720 X 320. Keyframed the first three clips to start on screen then scroll off screen. The fourth clip on track V9 begins at -360 Y and ends at 1080 Y.

The Size and position filter used for that clip is copied to all the other clips then the tracks are laid out like this:

Here’s the project file.
Vertical Scroll .mlt (53.8 KB)

Added a mask simple shape to each clip to create a gap between the scrolling video clips.


Thanks for this heavy duty! :smiley:

Hello Sauron,
Thank you for this example it will be useful for me to complete my SC learning

Sauron, thanks very much for this fantastic explanation!

Wowieeee! Supercool, great explanation. Must have a go at this! :smiley: :+1:

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