Scrolling and zooming on images

Hi how do I make image zoom in or scroll across?

Not possible with Shotcut as it does not feature ‘keyframes’, necessary for panning and zooming.
But keyframes are on the Roadmap.

Thanks. Would you recommend any other software?

I use DaVinci Resolve (free version) for advanced tasks such as those you mention.

Thanks much appreciated

It is technically possible to do using Overlay HTML & Elusien’s webvfx.js. (I tested it with an img tag.) It does require some amount of competency with HTML, CSS, math, and directory structures, and is definitely not “a thing that Shotcut does.”

Kdenlive can do this too apparently, but after my recent dabble with it I wouldn’t put any money on it.

The first thing I experimented with was the move and position effect. I added a few images to the track and then dragged the edges to extend their presence… it just created duplicates of different sizes. If it can’t handle basics like that I’m not even going to bother looking at key frames and animation.