Screenshot/text bug

I just created this account so i can get help,because im having problems with a bug.
I was making a video,and took an screenshot from wikipedia and used it on the video.
But for some reason,the shot looks completely blurried and i don’t know why.It’s impossible to read…
I used a screensot from wikipedia before,on another video,like 4 days ago,and worked fine.
I thought that it was only a ‘‘editor bug’’,so i exported the file as mp4,but nope,it is still blurried.
I have done everything i can,i can’t find help anywhere. Im like halfway trough my video and i would be very sad to have to start it all over again in another video editor software…
Someone,please help…

A bit more information is required for anyone to help:

What is the resolution of the screenshot. What is the resolution of the video you are creating?

Have you tried looking at the screenshot with something other than Shotcut. Is it crystal clear with that application or is it also blurred.

Can you show us a screenshot of the blurriness?

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