Screencast recording


how to record the screen for video Tutorials. Found these


I use OBS for all screen/game recording.
Learned how to use OBS from EposVox on YouTube.
There is a learning curve with OBS, so invest some time to learn it.

oh cool. Got it. Where do you edit the Screencasts with zooming, textfields, arrows, graphics and such? THX

With OBS you can actually make video with text boxes, arrows, zooming, etc… as you’re recording without editing. There are a lot of YouTube channels devoted to more advanced uses. OBS has a huge support forum, and very active with a lot of helpful people in there.

Beyond the link you already found for Shotcut Tutorials, watch all of these other great Shotcut tutorial videos.

Tux Designer - Shotcut Tutorials Playlist (YouTube)

Mr. Eko - Shotcut Tutorials Playlist (YouTube)
A bit dated, but still relevant for learning how to edit video.

I recommend watching the videos based upon what you want to accomplish. Use Shotcut to create sample videos, trying out the techniques in the video. Actually following along with the videos, using your own video/images in Shotcut will help you more than you know. If you get stuck trying to learn a technique, come back here and ask for help.

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