Screencast drawing tool

This is a non-Shotcut, but video-related question. I apologize in advance if it doesn’t belong here.

I need to annotate my screenshot video in real time with a digital pen function of some kind. So, I’m envisioning a pen tool of some kind of draws over the top of my screen but is still captured by my screencast software (VLC, in this case). Does something like this exist? I’m not even sure of the search terms that would help me Google it. TIA.

For Windows, I use ZoomIt:

The first thing I do after installation is change the hot key for “zoom in” from Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+BackTick to make it more comfortable to activate. The other hot keys are fine as-is for my purposes. Zooming is not necessary to begin drawing.

Mac and Linux have a totally different set of screen writing apps. So it really depends on which platform you’re using.

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Thanks for the reply. Win 10 here, so this might work fine for my purposes.

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