Screen video recording

I am looking for the screen video recording function (like OBS studio) But in File>Open other… Devices, I don’t have screen. Has the function disappeared?
Thank you in advance for your help.

You have to use OBS studio or some other tools, working with the OS you are running.

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You can feed the OBS virtual camera into Shotcut via “Open Other”, but I’ve had problems in the past and now always use OBS itself to record the screen (or Sharex on my Windows system).

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I just wanted to test this function… just to see the quality of the captures, the resources taken. Tests for research purposes. Indeed I use OBS, which is not free of worries.
Thank you for your answers.
This is not necessarily a function that one expects from video editing software

Shotcut will accept video from a webcam, or from an OBS Virtual Camera, It will not capture a screenshot, or screen recording.

Using OBS is that much effective? Can anyone confirm me. Because I was using in an important business purpose for recording materials eduhelphub but it disappointed me as nothing was recorded.

OBS is a great and very powerful application, with a lot of powerful features, but take some time to learn and setup, so there is proberly more simple tools available, if you just want to record your screen, but don’t know the good ones for windows.

As I said earlier, for quick screenshots and screen recordings on Windows I use the free product sharex:

I use OBS (supports most O/Ss) for longer projects, or if I want to record from my webcam, or from several sources using Picture-in-Picture, or for recording HTML/CSS?Javascript animations. For a goot beginner’s tutorial see:

Kevin has quite a few OBS tutorials on his Youtube channel:

yes OBS Studio is very powerful and good for screencasting with many settings for video and sound. It’s easy to learn, cross-platform - portable too.
But, you need good equipment to capture beyond 2K at 30 or 60 fps - I do courses in 4K at 30 fps; I capture live in 2K… the graphics card and the processor are already used by my 3D software… OBS also requires resources…
I make the edits with Shotcut and the whole thing forms an awesome duo (uh a trio, from time to time I use Audacity for the voiceovers)

with good balanced equipment, it works very very well.


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