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Hi, people!
I’m sorry with my english. I’m brazilian.
I need to convert a VHF tape to a digital media file. Through a BlackMagic card I was able to perform the sdi/hdmi capture through another program. But with Shotcut, when I try to capture it, it either has a black screen and no sound, or a black screen with sound. How to capture both?

Hi Natalia,
Not sure if this is helpful, but I found this video from YouTube user TutorTube which gives one way of capturing video.

All the best.

TutorTube - Shotcut Tutorial - Lesson 50 - Capturing Video

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Thanks, but it is exactly that I am doing and continue with the black screen.
Maybe have another configuration?

Hi Natalia,
From your post I could not tell exactly what you were doing, so I thought that video might be helpful.

Perhaps try:

  1. Posting on the Shotcut Reddit (and other video editing Reddits)
    shotcut - video editor Reddit

  2. Use OBS (in one of its incarnations) for Screen Capture

All the best.

How are you doing it exactly? Are you using Open Other > Audio/Video device or Open Other SDI/HDMI?

Also what is your operating system and Shotcut version?

Finally, why does your post title say “screen” and then you say “BlackMagic”?

Why Volume Automatically Goes Down while capturing screen?

Hi, Thanks!
It’s a great idea to use OBS. I am going to try.

1 - I went the 2 ways.
2 - Windows 7 64x and Shotcut v 22.06.23
3 - Because I use BlackMagic to capture the screen and when I finish and save the video it has a black screen, that is, nothing captured.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

Thanks, Natalia.

Glad you liked the suggestion.

OBS really confused me for a while, but once I had figured out that I should use the shortcut keys to start, pause and stop the recording (and not use my mouse - because the mouse would appear on-screen), everything worked fine.

If you do that, you can capture a video immediately, rather than capturing it, and having to edit it afterwards, thereby reducing the visual quality because you have to re-export it from your video editor.

I do not use it frequently enough at the moment, though, to remember which settings to use if I want to set up new ‘scenes’ and so on, so every time I go back to using it, I have to re-acquaint myself with how it works (the shortcut keys are about the only things I remember).

Have fun with it.

All the best.

In recording, the volume is down.

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