Scan Mode: Properties vs Export

Scan Mode is found twice in Shotcut. It’s found once in the Properties menu and the other time in the Export menu. What are the differences for Scan Mode in each of those menus?

In the clip properties panel, the Scan Mode is telling you the scan mode that was used to encode the clip. In the export menu, the Scan Mode is instructing Shotcut what can mode you want to use to encode the exported file.

Clip Properties Panel = what is coming in
Export Panel = what is going out

Clip Properties Panel = what is coming in

Yes, I knew that but the thing is in the Properties panel the Scan Mode can be changed. That’s why I am asking what the difference is between that one and the one in Export.

The reason the user is allowed to change the scan mode in the properties panel is in case Shotcut incorrectly identified the scan mode it its detection. The same applies for the other properties in that panel.

So changing the Scan Mode in Properties doesn’t actually deinterlace the video or do anything to the video? Deinterlacing only happens in Export?

It can also happen in preview depending on Settings > Progressive. Notice how that setting is under the “Player” category in the Settings menu. Deinterlace happens automatically when the source is interlace, and the output is progressive or when there is an effect that alters the vertical size of the source.