Scale went off with latest Shotcut 19.12.16

Windows 10 64-bit

I have Shotcut projects made with the previous version of Shotcut.
I updated to the latest 19.12.16 version. When I opened those old video projects, they played fine. Yet once I clicked on the timeline, it’s when the scale (under Rotate & Scale fiter) of the clip went off. For example : original file the clip was scaled to 150%, it’ll automatically down scale to maybe 46% or so.
Open another video project, same problem as well.
Is there a possible fix to this problem?

Actually I’ve been waiting for few days to see if there’s anyone with a similar problem. None so far. So I guess it’s only a problem of mine. But I still report it anyway, hoping it can get fixed somehow. But currently I’m fine by uninstalling 19.12.16 and reverting back to the previous version 19.10



Original file created with 19.10.20
R&S Scale to 150

Opened with 19.12.16 (scale changed on it’s own) Will reopen fine once back in 19.10.20.

File saved with 19.10.20

Opened up in 19.12.16 (Saved AS)

Thanks for the help to confirm the problem!

Also affect the Rotation. When opening in 19.12.16 the image is not viewable.

This is fixed for the next version.
Please be aware that due to a fix/change to the Scale parameter in version 19.12 or later, this parameter will not be compatible with older versions of Shotcut. Basically, this parameter has to change behavior to keyframe properly. The change in v19.12 was not backwards compatible with projects made in older version. The next version fixes that. But due to the behavior change the scale made or edited in 19.12 or later will not look the same if opened in a previous version. You will need to touch up the scale if you need to open in older version.

Could you please push out the fix?
I cant really use this version without my presets.

Well, now that you mention it, this fix does not cover presets. It is about projects. There is no way to fix the presets because they are not versioned. For projects, there was a flag saved (transition.invert_scale in the screen shots above) but not in presets. You will need to fix the preset yourself. You can either:

  1. find the preset file (Settings > App Data Directory > Show… > presets > affineRotate), and change transition.scale_x to the value of 1.0 / transition.scale_x and transition.scale_y to the value of 1.0 / transition.scale_y. For example, a value of 4.0 becomes 0.25
  2. load the preset, fix the scale to what you want, and save as preset using the same name as before to overwrite it.

What about other filters, that do not work with old mlt?
This not correct working filters in newer SC i found in my old projekts:
Rotate & Scale
Which other filters of old mlt do not work in new SC?

If i understand you right, you plan a new SC (after 12.23) that works with old mlt-projects?
If so, i will stay with SC 19.09., until the new SC is ready.


No other fillers or parameters changed in a backward-incompatible fashion. You must be confused about something else.

A project with a sharpen filter gets the values 0%, 0% and looks like blur. I have to set it manually to 50%, 5% like i have saved in old SC.

Please do not hijack threads. This thread is about something very specific. I will look into Sharpen in your other thread.

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