Scale and position filter

Hard and Soft environment

Shotcut Version : 19.01.27 OS : Windows 10 - 64 bits Video mode : HD1080p 25 fps

Processor : i7 - 3,10 GHz Ram : 16 Go Auto display : Auto




Today, I allow myself to make 2 remarks that I find important when using the Size and position filter:

1 - Unless I'm mistaken, we can not use the jerk transition 1 sec without scale when resizing a cut-out object on a transparent background.

2 - To manipulate an object larger than the screen, the fact of having to use exclusively the black central pellet, makes the operation very difficult. Could we not consider moving an object by clicking anywhere on its surface?


Thank you and a hello from France bruised by the drama of Notre Dame de PARIS.

You can use the 1 sec shake preset on any image. The key is to make the image the same size as the video resolution. If you are using a 1920x1080 resolution and want to shake an image/object that is 500x500, the best way to do it is to center the image on a transparent background equal to the video resolution.

To resize and move the image you need to apply at least 2 size and position filters. The first one is to let you move and scale the image. The second one has the shake preset applied to it. You can have multiple shakes applied to the same clip.

The project for you to look at to see how it can be done. (357.6 KB)

You can set the zoom lower to allow you to manipulate the image easier.:slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you very much Sauron for this prompt answer, for the video and for the example. This answers my questions. It’s very nice of you. I wish you a good evening and pleasure.

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