SC very slow at rendering

With SC I edited a clip of over 30 timelines for a 20 second scene and it is not finished , SC saturates at rendering, it is very very slow.(3 frames by 3 frames)
My question is the following is it my computer that saturates or SC, my laptop has 16 GB and 2GB of graphics card and preview scaling of SC set at 360p

It is good thing that Shotcut saturates your CPU when exporting. If it did not, then it would be even slower. Video processing and exporting is inherently heavy and slow. Read the FAQ for more info about CPU and GPU usage.

Hello SC Leader,
Thank you for your answer, I read the FAQ my English is not at the level and Google translation a little summary and I did not find my answer.
But this is not the problem, I consider SC to be among the best like Davinci Resolve which does not accept very well animated GIFs SC does better in this area.
What I found during editing because of the slowness of sc for rendering, it is difficult to get exactly the value of the rendering, to have a real opinion, you have to export the editing to MP4 which takes a lot of time to visualize the value of the current montage before continuing clip by clip so as not to clutter the memories?
As the editing is important and heavy SC very often closes mainly after some manipulation of settings which takes a long time to achieve a sequence of thirty seconds.
I think you are aware of this, this is not a reproach SC is not yet fully completed, SC needs fluidity for the manipulations mainly when the assembly is important and heavy.
Thank you for what you do for users like me who prefer according to my skills to use SC rather than Davinci and remain faithful to SC.
Very cordially

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