SC v17.01.02 x64 on Win 10 Pro x64 always cannot find Playlist items in filesystem

Shotcut v17.01.02 x64 on Win 10 Pro x64

Every time I open a Project .mlt SC complains “There are missing files in your project.” with a popup window listing all Playlist items from previous session to perform location. Finally looked closely at the pathnames SC was showing in the popup window and found SC is displaying POSIX-style right-slash directory element separators as:


If this character string is what is actually being handed to the standard MS Win API for file open then of course it will fail. SC component managing OS-specific pathname formatting not configured for Windows or is just goofing up. Sanitized screenshot attached.

AND THEN I can dismiss this complaint without doing anything about it and the Project opens with the Playlist apparently intact anyway!!!

This is a bug that was fixed for the next release. You should use v16.12 in the meantime.

Thx! Note that since does not offer a link to older releases, one has to notice that the 17.01 release URL points to github and from that reverse engineer with a few 404 trials a URL to reach older releases, giving Not everyone is a systems engineer.

Will give 16.12 a spin.

Thx again.

The download page has the line “Older versions are available for download.” with a link to the Github releases. Discovering information is hardly considered “reverse engineering” ha ha ha. That does not give the hard work of real reverse engineering enough credit!

P.S. Version 17.02 with a fix for this is available now.

True, but as one who as reverse engineered device firmware from SCSI-bus signal trace captures & a kernel debugger assembly listing of the device driver, I have an idea… :slight_smile:

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