SC - list out all video clips folder path/names from an existing MLT


Is there a facility or tool to list out all Videos Clips in an existing MLT, with its folder path and filenames ?
If possible also include the “timeline” - time in min/sec.

This will ease/enable quick editing … example replacing a video clip or image for that clip in an existing MLT with another video clip by applying the same folder/name …

You can process the .mlt XML manually or with command line tools or a script. Or, you can use File > Export EDL, but it only exports the current track from timeline and without folder paths.

Thanks Leader !!
I did not realise the MLT file can be open up with a text editor and process it :slight_smile:
Now this is going to be excellent for me to catalogue and manage large no. of photos and video a lot better.

Hi Leader,

Don’t know if this is appropriate in this Forum.

Thought I share a simple excel utility just built to catalog thumbnails of photos (.jpg and png) from any folder. Also extract all video clips file name/folder path for all MLT files in any folder selected.

Thought some newbies like me maybe interested to organize photos and videos (66.3 KB)

Hmmm, I can do a bit of programming, and I’m tempted to write a parser which can move all the shotcut files to a specific folder, to package files and port them to a new computer… the program just has to read an MLT file, search for all folder addresses, copy/paste every file to a new folder, and then the user can re-use that. hmm. it will take me 1/2 days to program it, it’s like the best solution for moving a 60 file project in sparce image/video/audio folders to a new PC.

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