SC crash fix

Lately the latest version of Shot Cut kept locking up. I had to close the program and then reopen to do anything. Getting tired of this I decided to reinstall the latest version (same as the one that has been locking up) and the problem has gone away. If you experience similar problems try a reinstall.

I suppose you had those issues with version 21.05.01, like many people.
A new version (21.05.18) was released yesterday, fixing problems with 21.05.01.
Are you sure you reinstalled 21.05.01 ?

Yep. Just looked at the version and it is 21.05.01. I suppose I should install the latest but I am one of those persons that takes a wait and see approach to new versions. I have had too many programs blow up because I installed the latest as soon as it came out. The 21.05.01 seems to be working fine now. If it starts locking up again I will upgrade. Thanks for letting me know this was a regular problem for people.

You might want to read the release notes for the latest version. As you can see 21.05.01 had a few critical problems.

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