Sc 23.03

Hello There,
First observation on ASUS Rog Strix and SC 23.03 and W11.

I have a MLT clip with sound (clip edited with SC 22.12.21) with a duration of 52.14 the playback of this clip stops at 51.21, impossible to go beyond, why?

When I click on the control screen to reset the whole thing (Recurring problem that is dated and annoying but we deal with it) CS blocks and W11 displays that SC does not respond, I have to restart the computer and reload the clip .

On this clip there are on the last image three filters, Size position and rotation, Advanced chroma key and video fade out.

I remain at your disposal for further information if this finding is useful to you.
08 - Bis - Origine Minoens.mlt (29.6 KB)

What result do you get when you open the same file in 22.12.21? I wonder if there is a regression or if this is existing behavior.

When open with SC 22.12.21 the clip is read corectly till end.

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