Saving the filter list for use and adjust in another project

sorry for my imperfect english
currently we have icons copy and paste in the list of filters, but to copy in another project is not easy, especially if you want to quickly change the filter settings, could we have two more icons for export the contents of the filter list to a file instead of the clipboard and be able to reload it in the clipboard from the file

actually we have :

I know we can make the clip in a new project, add some filter save it and then open the mlt in another project but if we want adjust the filter setting we need to save the project, close it, open the clip, adjust the filter, save it reload the project…


I think that would be a really good addition - very useful.

I found myself needing this today… Needed to revisit an older project to find a filter combination, being able to save filters combinations would be great!

Hi … saw this back in Oct 2019.
Is there an update … if it is possible to copy filters from 1 MLT clip to another MLT clip (separate project).

this will be very useful if trying to apply “effects” build in 1 project and reuse in another.

Appreciate an update if this feature is available . . or in the pipeline?

I just got in to teh same situation today and landed up here searching for a solution. It would be really great to have this as a feature and saves lot of time. For me , it is all about copying the perfect colour grading I managed in one project and I want to apply that to other project.

I do create a preset.mlt with all most used tools in my videos … and each new project I start using this mlt and then same to new.mlt and go on …

It works a lot to me …