Saving Preset Text - Titles

I am still discovering features of Shotcut - it keeps getting better :smiley:

Having set up a text filter how you like it, I found you can then save it as a preset, by pressing the Plus :heavy_plus_sign: by the presets drop down.

This can then be re-used in other project by selecting it from the list of presets.

Other editors come with collections of different title styles.

Using the save presets means you can create your own library of Title and text styles.
(This will be even more useful with the new rich text filter).

To better organise your own presets, you can start the preset name with a character like tild ~ underscore _ or hash #.
This means your own presets are grouped together at the top or very top of the list of presets.

Because these presets are saved as standard XML text files, they can be easily copied and shared with others.


Useful tips - thank you! :smile:

Taking this further, thinking about creating a library of titles…

I created and saved a preset for text in the lower thirds.
I created and saved a preset for Gradient.
(Adjusted colour range from transparent to semi transparent)

So to create a new lower thirds text area, I can now do this by applying 2 presets.

(Edited - better screenshot used)

There is a known bug that gradients with transparency in conjunction with some other filters causes image distortions as you can see by the doubling of the text in your screenshot. I am not exactly sure what all the conditions are and struggling to reproduce it now. Perhaps using a transparent color clip is a part of it. Also, filters are processed top-down; so you probably want to put the text after the gradient.

Also, some other disturbing things in your screenshot:

  1. You are using proxy mode without preview scaling β†’ you are not gaining the full benefit of proxy.
  2. Your file name on V1 looks like the name of a proxy file, but these names should not appear unless you directly open the proxy file. Rather, the original media file name should appear along with β€œ(PROXY)” after it.

I was using my lower powered laptop for trying it and assumed it was the issue.

I had simply opened any random video which happened to be a proxy file rather than a source.
Changed the source video, enabled preview scaling and will replace the image in my original post.

It does seem like there is a bug in the code as it does flicker when previewed and there are echos of text appearing.
(The second attempt had no audio which I initially suspected).

I exported the file and it looked better with just one fade out.

Given the challenge with the gradient filter, I tried another method.

Change the colour in the properties in the colour block to grey.
Added a rectangular mask filter, set to subtract, with softness turned up and positioned to mask the top 2 thirds.

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