Saving New File Automatically with keyboard shortcut

I know that Ctrl + S = Save
and that Ctrl + Shift + S = Save As

However when i simply save, it will overwrite the existing file with latest version
and when i save as, it will prompt me to type in new file name.

Can I merge the functionality of Save and Save As so that when I press a combination of keys (dosen’t need to be Ctrl + S or Ctrl + Shift + S), it will save as under a new file without me manually having to type in a new file name?


I ended up using a utility from work that automatically makes backup copies to new filenames for changed files, but there should be some free/open source ones out there if you can’t / don’t want to use File History / equivalent.

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I moved this to Suggestions because it is a pretty good idea. That does not mean it will be added real soon. There is no ETA for it.

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