Saving a series of filters to text file

Some time back I learned that I can use the clipboard icon in the ‘Filters’ tab to copy a series of filters to memory. From there I paste this buffer to a txt file and save. By copying the content of this txt file, I can paste it back into another clip at another time, thereby replicating a look. So far, so good.

Did I miss something, though? I just tried this and it seems to have only copied active video filters. I also had at least one audio filter, as well as an inactive video filter. These did not reappear when I pasted the contents of my txt file back into Shotcut.

Is there some way I don’t know about to retaain these additional filters and their states?


it seems that the issue is simply that the filter’s state is not part of the save process. when i tested again and activated all of the filters, they were all saved and reloaded properly, both video and audio.

it would be very helpful if the filter state was a part of the save process. would save a lot of extra work turning things on and off.


so… here’s a further question. is it ok to comment the text in a txt file of saved filters as described above? i’m thinking that it would be useful to keep a folder of saved txt files representing various combinations of filters. these would likely get too complex to adequately describe in the filename alone so i thought it might help to comment with a description directly in the saved txt file. what’s the proper method, syntax for doing that?

i know i could just put the description at the top and say something like ‘copy everything below this comment’ but it seems like just copying all would be faster and easier for me and anyone else who wants to do this. having the descriptive text ignored as a comment would help in that regard. how do i do that?

lastly, not sure if this is a bug or not but, while testing this, i added a clip to the timeline, then pasted my filter text into it to see if it worked. it did. i then undid it but, rather than undoing the paste operation, shotcut went all the way back to the adding of the clip and removed it from the timeline. i’d expected ‘undo’ to only remove the just-pasted filters.


You can insert any comment/description/instruction at the top of the preset TXT file
When you need to use the preset, just remember to copy only the lines of codes that are below the comments you insert.

Here’s a copy of the filter preset shown in the video below. With the added instruction.
Fall&Bounce-transition-20frames.txt (2.0 KB)

thanks for the reply, MusicalBox. was hoping for something more along the lines of # or /* or – as means of enclosing comments and having shotcut ignore them. appreciate the time taken in replying, though.

thanks again,

Ah! Yes, I understand.

Well, you can do it.

You need to put <!-- before your comments and --> at the end

So I tested and it works, but the comments must be right after the first line of code.
In fact, they can be anywhere after the first line, but to avoid mistakes (see the constrains in the link above), it’s safer to put them after the first line.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
(no empty space on top of that line either.)

So in the file I share above, it would look like this:

Now you can open the TXT file,
Ctrl + A to select all
Ctrl + C to copy

And in Shotcut, press the Paste filters button to apply the filters to the clip.

thanks, MusicalBox! that’s exactly what i was hoping for. makes it all much simpler. figured it had to be possible but had no idea the syntax and such. i’m guessing this should actually be saved as an xml rather than txt file. the more so with the comments folded into the file itself now. no?

thanks again!

It doesn’t matter. XML OR TXT, the content will be identical. You still need to open it to copy that content.

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