Saved Shotcut Projects will not open. Notifaction of "File System Error" appears with no further context

Can’t wrap my head around this problem and can’t see anything similar in FAQs. As the title states, my projects will not open when double-clicking the icon due to a “File System Error”. This happens whether there’s content saved in the project or not, it makes no difference.

The app itself opens perfectly fine otherwise and I can even access the saved files under the “Recent Projects” tab upon start-up, though they will still run into the same problem. Also if I export my project, the exported video will not play at all.

I have no idea what’s causing this problem. My laptop is a Lenovo ideapad 320s if that has anything to do with it

It may have been helpful to show a screenshot. I am not familiar with this error in Shotcut specifically.

A common error in Shotcut is when a source file is moved/renamed/deleted, it will show “Invalid” in the preview window when the playhead is in that location. There is a built-in utility upon startup to fix such errors. Related documentation here: Project Management

Your issue may be a Windows-only related topic possibly with your computer hardware.

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I usually only use drag and drop into the playlist and avoid the recent file folder at all cost.
If the operating system did make soft links to the real destination of your source video and they are past away and the file choosing did not work you can fix it manually.

The MLT file is a text based file. You can correct the filenames with a simple text editor. Be aware that the file path+name will accrue most time twice or more often in the MLT file. Make a safety copy of the MLT File, correct them all in the MLT file and you can continue editing like their never was a problem!

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Apologies for no screenshot but that windows problem is exactly my issue. I read the FAQ article included in your screenshot. The hard drive came up clean apart from some files which were ‘repaired’ though the problem persists.
I also tried saving the project onto a USB drive, with all assets copied over but same issue unfortunately

I can confirm that error message is not in the Shotcut code.

Thanks all. Very strange issue. It hasn’t happened with other applications before. Hopefully I can figure it out

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