Saved project opens MLT file as white screen

i have the latest update 22.10.25
Running Windows 10 Pro
Shutcut and all video files on same C drive.

I always create a new project when starting a new video.
I have the MLT file saved and even double clicking it opens shotcut but the video area is white and nothing on the time line. the file name does not contain any bad characters like %$ etc.

I am now stuck, this has happened a few times in previous versions but normally going to my saved folder and double clicking the saved MLT file would have shotcut fully load my project, this time it is not working.

I have tried many of the suggestions here offered to others but again, no luck.

Since writing the above i have noticed there does not seem to be a proxys folder in my projects folder where the MLT folder is now, i had proxys enabled during editing as watched each video file turn into a proxy in “jobs” window and on the timeline all my clips had proxy on them.

not having much luck, any help would be appreciated.
I have attached my projects MLT file below

mushrooms bad eye.mlt (577 Bytes)

MLT files are simple text files (XML actually) and so can be opened in a simple text editor. When you open this MLT in a text editor you will see it in effect has no content.

Something has obviously gone disastrously wrong. Not that it will help in this instance but see:

Hi thanks for the reply, I will look at how i can check these files in a text editor as to me so far this part is new to me.
Are you saying you have looked at my file and found it contained nothing?.. if you are that sucks but thanks for looking.

Is there anything i could have done wrong during editing that could learn from, normally before i would at least have some of my video retained but it seems i have lost it all this time.

Yes, I edited the file and it is essentially empty. It just contains an MLT skeleton with no user data.

I really don’t know what could have happened. I always take regular copies of my MLT file so I can easily recover from problems such as you are seeing. The post I highlighted describes how easy it is to do this.

I suggest that during editing, every hour or so, click on File, then Save As. This gives your current project a new file that you can add number or letters, leaving behind the old project file. This allows you to save to multiple devices/folders as a backup copy of your work.


I am suspecting that this is not utilized by many users because it is under the File menu dialog. I think if it’s an actual icon next to the Save icon it would be more used.

You can also change the shortcut for Save As if it would that would be easier.

Thanks Very much for looking.
What is strange is i have done everything as i always do with our weekly videos, only ever had Shotcut refuse to open the project if i opened the software and clicked the one in ‘recent projects’… then i would go to my project folder and double click the MLT file directly and then it would open, and error for sure but i always got my video back.

Apart from me starting to save videos every so often, which i will start doing… can you think of what might have gone wrong.

Again thanks a lot for looking into it for me.

I have read some other articles on this and have found “app data” in settings, where proxys etc are kept.

I can see the proxys made in my lost project.
Is there a way i can use them in a new project?
Can i use them to save me some time or am i best just starting again, shame as was a 30 minute video but if it is gone and there is nothing i can do, “that’s life” and will back up future projects.

Sorry if my questions seem daft, i am new to understanding more about shortcut as always managed to recover before from reading advice here.

Thanks for the replies!


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