Saved File Unusable

I have searched the forum for related topics and several threads for questions have been opened but few concrete answers. I apologize if this is a repeat.

I’ve tried over the last 2 days to work on one video and I’m terrified of shutting down the program for fear of losing my project (AGAIN!). It’s like my computer doesn’t acknowledge that the program exists to open it.

Here’s what’s happening:
I imported my 2 videos (2 camera angles). Check.
I drag them to the timeline, on their own respective tracks. All good.
I separate the audio from the camera angle for consistency’s sake. Fine.
I make my edits to all 3 tracks simultaneously. Supes easy.
I save constantly! (It’s saving to a folder on my desktop as a .mlt file)
I’m done for the day or go on lunch - I save the file one last time.
I shut down the program by clicking the X in the top right.

I go to open the project to start working on it again and the file in the folder on my desktop does not have a program icon next to it (ie: indicating that the object exists but there doesn’t exist a program on your computer that will open it)

I click on it anyway but it won’t open.

So I try to open the program and to to the “Recent” list on the top right. My file is there, but when I try to click on it, a message appears below the preview window that says “cannot find file”

I’ve tried to be as descriptive as I can here. ANY help would be appreciated to understand why, after installing it and working on a project, my computer thinks that Shotcut doesn’t exist, and why Shotcut thinks my file doesn’t exist.


In Windows, you need to associate the file type .mlt with Shotcut yourself by right-clicking the file in Explorer, choose Open With, check “Always use this app…”, and locate Shotcut within that Windows dialog.
Alternatively, you can simply start Shotcut and then drag-n-drop the .mlt file from Explorer to Shotcut’s player area. Or, within Shotcut choose File > Open and browse to the file using the standard Windows file dialog.

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