Save prgressed job over existing PROB

I had been using it fine with WIN 7 64bit. Initially I saved a job under the name “#3” and after I added to my project by just adding videos together with a gradual phase in between, I saved it and selected the same name “#3” to save it on and it asked if I wanted replace the existing one, I said yes. When I now try to work on that project it doesn’t place the project on the area to the left where you start work when you drag it or try to open it, it freezes up then shuts down.

Any ideas?

I did use the Save As multiple times with the same file name.
Opened up without a problem.
Could not duplicate the problem, just for naming “#3” a mlt project file.
Shotcut 18.09.16 (64-Bit) Windows 10

CRTL+S might be an easier approach to saving to the same file name.

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