Save pending jobs

Loaded several video clips into the playlist’s program and started editing one after the other. So there is one in progress and others pending.
How do I save the still pending, to export them later, because I have to close the program, so not to edit the clips again.
Answers will be appreciated.

The best I could decipher, it sounds like you are editing video while you’re exporting at the same time.

I would think it’s best practice to let the export finish before moving to editing another video.

To save a project, click Save, or File - Save As. This saves to a MLT project file which you can open at a later time to continue editing.

  • While using File - Save As, you can save as many copies of the file as you wish just by altering numbers/letters when saving the file or saving to a different location. If anything happens to your original, you would have a back up copy.

To Export, just pick a preset, then Export File. Exporting is your final project which you would upload to YouTube, etc…

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