Save part of timeline in "mlt" format

On a beaucoup parlé “Comment exporter une partie de la chronologie” pour obtenir un fichier vidéo.
Mais est-il possible d’enregistrer cette même partie sous forme de fichier “mlt”?

There has been a lot of talk about “How to export a part of the timeline” to get a video file.
But is it possible to save this same part as an “mlt” file?

No, but you can:

  1. turn on ripple all tracks
  2. navigate to start
  3. ShiftI to ripple trim in
  4. navigate to end point
  5. ShiftO (oh, not zero) to ripple trim out
  6. File > Save As…

It is possible you need to tweak some of the above, but that should give you the general idea. You might also want to clear the playlist before saving depending on what you are doing with it.


Ah, et bien oui, cela fonctionne !
*C’est bien plus rapide que de supprimer tous les autres clips un par un. *
Le but c’est de se servir de cette portion dans un autre projet.
Merci beaucoup.

Ah, well yes, it works!
It’s much faster than deleting all the other clips one by one.
The goal is to use this portion in another project.
Thanks a lot.

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Bookmarking this

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Are those new shortcuts ? Never noticed them before.
But will definitely use them from now on. Thanks!

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