Save/export project with all connected files for later editing

Hi, I just finished my first project and would like to give the files to someone else. When I started, I expected Shotcut to save all imported files into the project, but then found out that if I deleted a file from my hard drive it’s missing in the project.

I have learned that keeping files tidy and in one directory is necessary, but right now the video/screenshot/audio files are a) not well titled and b) all over my home directory (Pictures, Videos, my work dir in Documents and so on).

Is there a way I can save the project with all used files or find the exact files I used in the last version of a project in a way that someone else might edit it?

I have thought about just copying my home directory and deleting everything that is not project related before passing it on.

I’ll do better in my next project, but for now any help on this would be very much appreciated.

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