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When editing a video, it is possible to select a clip in a track, copy it and paste it elsewhere in the timeline. The copy is identical to the original, including any filter applied to it.

Is it possible to “save” that clip instead of copy it ?
I mean, save it somewhere on my hard drive so I can use the clip (and all its filters) in any other project.

The reason I ask is I’d like to be able to quickly insert short popup animated banners whenever I need to (See example below)

I know this example is simple. I just need to save the Size and Position filter in a preset. But when there are many filters in one of these popups, it takes a lot longer. And if many popups are required in a video, a simple one-step way to insert them would be a lot more productive.

Being able to “save” a clip is, so far, the only practical solution I could think of, but of course there are probably other ways I didn’t discover yet.

Note : I’ve tried to export the clip as video files, with black or green backgrounds and insert it with the chroma key filter. But I didn’t get good results. When there is a partial transparency to a part of the image, that part will show in the color of the background (black or green)

Thanks for any help

No but you can create a clip-only project by using only the Source tab of the player, save it, and use the XML as a clip in a larger project by using File > Open MLT XML as Clip. It will save the in and out points as well as filters. Of course, if you are savvy with editing XML you can see how the clip only project is saved and extract a clip from a timeline project by structuring it the same as a clip only project.

If your image or clip has alpha or you affect the alpha channel using a filter, you are better off to use one of the alpha export presets.

Thanks a lot shotcut !
I’ll try your suggestions tomorrow.


I couldn’t resist :roll_eyes::wink:
I tried “Open MLT XML as Clip” and almost on the first try, I came very close to what I need. I’m sure it will be perfect after a bit more work (and some sleep).

Alpha export sounds promising too, but that will really wait till tomorrow … :sleeping:

You can create a template file with all the popups and other effects that you use.

Create the effect(s) with all the filters etc. Add it to the playlist. Repeat for all the effects you want to re-use. Then save the project with a few empty video and audio tracks as a template.

You can then use the template to start a new project and all the popups, banners, and effects will be there. You can add what you want to the timeline and modify the effect if needed.

Made a small template to illustrate what I mean.

Template .mlt (12.8 KB)

Thank you sauron. That’s a pretty clever idea.

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