Same problems since upgrading to Windows 11

I don’t know if this is a “bug” or a problem. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 11, the shotcut app sometimes opens up and all of the text and icons are so miniscule that it is impossible to see. This is not an “I accidentally changed the view” problem. I have tried all the fixes that everyone has sent to me. The only fix is if I uninstall. Then reinstall. It will work fine for a while, then at a random time, I will open it and it is tiny again. I believe this is a Windows 11 issue. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and whether it is in fact a Windows thing or a bug.

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I have not seen this. There will be an alpha release for the next version soon that upgrades our main library responsible for the UI and this. It significantly improves support for fractional display scaling on Windows. I believe it also improves multi-monitor support as current version bases many decisions off the primary monitor regardless which one you launch from, which is supposed to change as I recall. Keep an eye out on the forum or twitter channel for the announcement.

So I had to keep uninstalling then reinstalling. I click the “remove from registry” and unselect the “create icon on start menu” as a few people said that might help. It did for the last 29 days. Then today when I opened it, same thing happened. It was super tiny again like in the screen shot. This never happened before I accidentally upgraded to Windows 11.

Do you have multiple monitors?
This might be fixed for our next version which you can read about below. You can try it out, but do take into consider that alpha is rough quality. A beta is due by the end of the month. If you download the portable version (.zip) then you can try it without overwriting the existing version.

I just use my laptop. I had to uninstall several times, then restart my computer before it went away. Once it goes away, it works fine. Just when I close out, then reopen the app this will sometimes happen. This time 29 days went by before it happened. I still love this program and I blame Windows 11 for this.

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