Same action for multiple videos

Dear all,

I have to perform same action for multiple vidoes. Is it possible to do it all once? For all the videos, I have to split at playhead a 5 second clip (out out a 5 second clip) starting from -15 s to end until to -10 s to end, and then I have to give a smooth transaction between those clips (for example just 1 sec overlap to those parts). Could anyone help me out? Is it even possible?


It is not possible to automate that in Shotcut. You can automate it using the MLT (engine) API, but it will probably take you a couple of weeks of full time work to understand and program that. The closest thing you can do today in Shotcut is to add the clips to Playlist, double-click each to trim them in the Source player, select them, and Playlist > menu > Add Selected to Slideshow.

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