Rutt-Etra-Izer, can it be reimplemented? Does anybody care?

Hi, quick background, graduated Art Institute Chicago 1980, had access to Rutt Etra, Analog video image processing, etc…flash forward I know there’s a FactoryFX Pro package $400 that works on Final Cut Pro $300, so $700 for a Rutt Etra effect. Wow, I’m old and cheap, I also read that Shotcut did have Rutt-Etra-Izer earlier, but dropped it, not sure why. So the question is could it be reimplemented? Does anyone care besides me? Is it hard/impossible? I’m cheap but would chip in development efforts. Thanks for listening.

I just tried an online one Rutt-Etra-Izer ( and it worked:

Yeah, I’m familiar with that site, very cool, well implemented. However I wanted a plugin for motion/video.

I used the actual Rutt-Etra in 1978 to make the first integral hologram with a raster-scanned video image - digital simulations of analog synthesis always seem so dry and rigid - hope it works out for you! [credits for hologram are at this site, under “Grants” Goss / Curriculum Vitae]

It was removed because the library it depended on had to be removed for compatibility reasons.

I do not know how hard it is to implement the algorithm or if there is already open source software that could be ported to the underlying MLT video framework.

You can download an older version of Shotcut that includes it:

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