Rotation handle: how to hide

Hi. I’m using Win 10, Shotcut version 24.04.28. I’m adding single images to a timeline over a background track to make a slide show. The background frame size is 1600 x 900. Shotcut automatically rotates one image that is 1440 x 920 by 90 degrees when I bring it in. No problem, I just use the Size, position, and rotate filter to correct it. It works well and is easy.
However, using the filter establishes a visible “rotate handle” on the image. That handle remains visible when I drag the image onto the timeline and is always visible when I play the track. I’ve searched high and low, but for the life of me I can’t find out how to hide the handle.
Any suggestions much appreciated.

Hi AdeinFNQ,

Of course, the ‘rotate handle’ will never be shown when exported.

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