Rotate , size and position keyframe

Is the latest version somewhat did not implement the “keyframe” option for “size, position & rotate” filter?
I know we use to be able to keyframe them . when there were separated as 2 filters in Jul 2020 then.

I am interested to zoom my video to animate it grows with keyframe filter.
Do we have an alternative if for some reason this spr filter no longer can be keyframed?


The latest version as of today ( 2 April 2021) is Shotcut 21.03.21

I can assure you that the S,P,R filter keyframes are alive and well; I spent most of this past Saturday using that version to create a new video that relied entirely on complex SPR keyframing of two overlaid clips.

hi Kag,
Thanks for confirming it’s still there … and went back to look.
I am using the latest version. My mistake … appears I need to drag the 5 little buttons to the right (expand screen) to see the keyframe button :slight_smile:


That one got me too, for the first few minutes after the upgrade.

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