Rotate & Scale offset features in 20.10.31

Recently updated Shotcut from a much older version. Size, Position & Rotate were mered from the separate ones, which is great, but I seem to have lost previous features that had options to offset the picture from the center (letting you effectively move the pivot position relative to the picture, so you could rotate around a center point in a circle).

I’m not sure if this feature is now removed or maybe it’s somewhere else. Thanks,

You need to use 2 Size, Position & Rotate filters
See this post:

Hmm, seems if I set an offset high enough it cuts off my image if it falls outside the Size, Position & Rotate box. :confused:

Interesting… I’ve only done it with a cropped circle.
Didn’t know this would happen.

Try changing the first filter so it is further in from the edges of the frame and change size to be a little smaller. And in the second filter increase zoom a little so it goes further to the edges or even outside of the edges if you want.

Taille projet 960 x 540

Premier filtre:
Réduire la taille et déplacer sur la gauche (position de départ) mode fill
Image clé de 0 à + 360

Second filtre
mode déformer
Taille 960 x 540 = Taille du projet
Image clé de 0 à - 360

Project size 960 x 540

First filter:
Reduce size and move to the left (starting position) fill mode
Keyframes from 0 to + 360

Second filter
distort mode
Size 960 x 540 = Size of project
Keyframes from 0 to - 360

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