Rotate Not Working

I shot some video using a GoPro Hero Session, but the camera was turned on its side. I thought selecting the video clip and the choosing the rotate filter would upright my video, however, nothing happened. Is there something else I have to do to get the rotate filter to work?

Shotcut 17.01.02
Windows 7

I don’t have any GoPro Session files, but I have no problem with Hero 3 files and the ‘Rotate’ filter in version 17.01.02
I assume you are selecting the clip on the time line then after choosing the Rotate filter you are dragging the ‘rotate’ control with the mouse?
Do you have an OOC sample file you can link to?

No it doesn’t happen automatically. Did you see my earlier response?

Hello all,

So I have ths video I took with my phone which is in portrait mode (360x640) and I want to rotate it in landscape mode (640x360).
So I openend the file, created a timeline of the whole video and then applied the rotate filer. So far everything looked quite intuitive.

However, the frame of the video is staying in the portrait mode and although my video is properly rotated, of course I can’t see it properly because it’s now a 640x360 video displayed in a 360x640 frame :frowning:
It looks like the video frame is behaving independently of the video itself. Any hint? And apologies if I missed a simple howto about that but didn’t find it…

Well, a bit more looking around in the forum and I got an hint with the project video mode. So I set-up a custom video mode of 640x360 and then imported my file that was automaticaly scaled by Shotcut to fit in the now narrower height.

Then I just had to apply the rotate filter again with a 180% scale and I get my result.

This however looks a bit messy, the scale I choose is probably off by a few tenth of a percent but this is not a scientific video so I don’t really care. I suppose there’s probably a better way to convert videos from their initial portrait mode to a landscape mode, so any suggestions are welcome.

Try opening a new project in the [landscape] mode you wish to use. If the video mode is set to Automatic, it will open in the same mode as the first imported video, which in your case would be portrait, and you don’t want that.
So start again and before you import the video source, set the Video mode to [say] 1920x1080 at the framerate of the video source. Then import your portrait video and use the Rotate filter to scale the image.
It would be useful if the Shotcut devs would allow scaling beyond 200%…

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I couldn’t work this out with Shotcut.

I ended up using Avidemux to rotate, brighten, and export. Steps:

  • I used the video rotate filter to rotate the video, properly, without black bars
  • I used the video contrast filter to brighten a little during export. Better to do before the export / compress step
  • On the left menu bar, I set it to output MKV with x264

I then imported into Shotcut for final tweaks of color, cropping, etc.

Settings -> Video Mode -> Custom -> Add