Rotate Filter Crash

After creating my video and audio timelines, I attempt to apply a rotate filter to do a zoom in/out function on the images in the timeline. The circle (hourglass activates and then shotcut crashes with a general error and no error code. No matter how I try to apply this filter and the “size and position” filter crashes the app. Not sure what is broken here. Version 7.11.07.

GPU Processing enabled by any chance?

GPU Processing (experimental) is not enabled.

How about Settings>Display method? Mine is set to OpenGL

Default set to DirectX. I can try OpenGL. I will let you know.

OpenGL seems to do the trick. Thanks for the tip! No more crashing.

I tried to reproduce this by using Display Method = DirectX and both “Size and Position” and “Rotate” filters applied to a clip on a timeline, but I could not reproduce it. It may vary from one system to the next, or it could require some more specific steps.