Rotate and Scale-Filter Bug?

Hello guys. I have a strange issue. Sometimes, if I apply rotate and scale (with keyframes) to a clip, and zoom back out to 100%, the image becomes out of proportion. I thought, I’ll see what you guys have to say.
I want to mention two things:
1st: The MLT-files I currently am editing have first been created almost a year ago with previous Shotcut-Versions. I just now found the time/will to edit a bit more.
2nd: In the current case, there is a Rotate and Scale filter on the track, too. If I however deactivate the track filter, the clip remains out of proportion

Shotcut Version number 20.04.12, had same issue in 20.02 sometimes, before the update to 20.04

Shotcut Settings
    Video Mode Automativ
    Display Method DirectX

Operating System
    Windows 8.1 64bit

Did not yet add the MLT for privacy reasons. If it seems necessary, I will edit out some filenames before upload, if this makes sense…?

The first picture shows the out of proportion (filter activated), the second one the same picture, without the filter.

There were some changes to fix the Scale parameter to animate linearly between these time frames. You need to remove this instance or these instances of the filter and recreate it. There was some code put in for backwards compatibility but not with keyframes, and I do not plan to try to address that.

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Thank you for clarification. Makes some additional work on my part, but this is a reasonable price to pay for this great tool named Shotcut. Thank You!

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