Rookies - Wait for it to finish rendering

Got my first short video edited and done. Tried to save it but now I can’t open it in Shotcut. It tried to repair it, but the repaired video has missing chunks in it and says “INVALID” in those parts. I think I shut the program down before it was done rendering…sigh.

Well good news is that I’ll be able to re-edit it quicker now.

Oh no, @gringogigante - I’m sorry to hear this. I feel your pain! Using “Save As” frequently is always a good idea :wink:
If I have a complex project I will often save it quite frequently as “file 01AA”, “file 01BB”, “file 01CC” etc. Just a quirky method which works for me …

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Exporting (or as you call it rendering) creates the final video from your project. Exporting a video does not save your project file. You have to use Save or Save As to save progress to your project file.

Most commonly when something says “INVALID” it refers to missing media that was either moved or deleted from your computer. Or it could be as simple as moving the project file to a different drive/folder depending on how your project file was created. You can read more about that here:

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It also seems to occur if you rename the file to something else. It’s just a simple matter of relocating the file in that case.

The article “Project Management” I listed above talks about this very issue.

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