Rolling Credits. Looking for tutorial link

I just tried to make an end credits clip, using Open Other > Text and applying a Size and Position with keyframes to make it scroll, but it scrolls in a choppy fashion. I need to make it nice and smooth. Is there a better way; what am I doing wrong; do you have any good YouTube tutorial links.


Use the Text:Rich filter.


Sorry, I don’t know of a tutorial video.

One way to make a good looking is to make a very high 1920x3240 ( 3240 = 3*1080) picture in Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape an export it as a transperent .png.

The scroll it slowly with a Size, Position & Rotate filter.

Check out @MusicalBox video here.

That depends on whether you are looking at preview or exported result. It also depends on the sleep, which depends on the duration of the text clip: slower = smoother.

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Thanks. I discovered Text HTML scroll. Seems to work. But I understand what you’re saying.


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