Rock'n'Roll flute music!

I just finished a new “flute” video - completely made with Shotcut (of course)…
It’s 1950’s swingtime! This is my brand new composition for flute and piano - or backing track.

Target audience is for flute players or flute students.

I’d like to give a shout-out to @brian (and Dan, @shotcut) for the introduction of snappable MARKERS - (and also @drm for all his suggestions while the markers were being developed), - crucial for making this video as quickly as I did. I extensively exported marker sections of the video, then re-imported them back into the project.

Without them, the playback in SC was slow, especially when I had several filters running (in particular when I used the “invert colours” filter on the music pngs to make the music notes white). The “importing sections” technique improved workflow time immensely.


That’s the second Shotcut-made video I’ve watched in the past couple of hours, EarlyBite’s and yours. They are so different but very enjoyable to watch and especially to listen to. I particularly liked your transitions: the way they were in sync with the music and action and how appropriate they were.

Well done. You’ve come along by leaps and bounds since you first started Shotcutting. Keep the videos (and especially the flute playing ones) coming.

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Thank you @elusien! Will keep at it! :smiley:

Sweet rock’n’roll !

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Very nice video, like the concept of showing the sheet music being played, just like a lyric video, but with notes instead. Great work

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Hi @TimLau - thank you! Yes, the sheet music is there to show flute players the standard of the music, so they can decide whether to download it (for themselves or for their students) or not. The trick was to find a way of giving them just a taster of the music but not to give the complete score away!

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Fantastic work, @jonray! Looks like a real professional presentation. :+1: Aside from the very nicely timed and animated graphics I liked the creative and varied use of the video transitions. There is always people claiming that apart from dissolves transitions are no good and that they “cheapen” a video but a video like this from you proves otherwise. Nice one!


Thanks @drm! Your point about fancy transitions is spot on! Normally I would agree with those who think that only apart from dissolves, transitions are no good and that they “cheapen” a video - but yes, I thought in this case they were appropriate. I appreciate your comments and thanks for your sterling work troubleshooting and suggesting improvements to the markers!

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