Ripple all tracks button

The option “Ripple all tracks” is particularly important in video editing because in the event of a handling error, it can have serious consequences. However, it is placed at an inconvenient place of access (right click on the reading head). Could not we have a button in the timeline toolbar that would change color when it’s turned on just like Toggle snap, Scrub wile dragging and Ripple trim and drop?
Thank you.

@jonray made a similar suggestion before but that thread has been closed:

I agree with this. :slight_smile:

With all respect to the feature roadmap and existing priorities, I can say this icon would improve my workflow enormously. Ripple All is especially useful when assembling interviews, like when a clip needs to be inserted into the middle of a finished segment. It’s also useful for synchronizing video clips to a locked music track. Since I’m toggling Ripple All a lot, a visual indicator of its state would be extremely useful because Ripple All can wreck my timeline if I forget about it.

I’m thinking maybe it can be worked into the existing Ripple button? Like, hit once it’s Ripple, hit twice it’s Ripple All and hit three times it’s Ripple + Ripple All and hit four times it’s off? Either that or hitting the Ripple button will show a little drop down menu where one of those four options can be picked?

Or more simply a button dedicated to the function with a graphic speaking. When doing complex editing, it is not uncommon to oscillate between the Ripple trim and drop button and The Ripple all tracks option. It seems to me that having them side by side would be much more effective and less prone to mishandling.
What do you think ?

+1 from me for the same reasons you mentioned.

OK, I’ve noticed myself turning this off and on fairly often myself.

Thanks for mentioning my post, @drm - so nice to get feedback about this even though it’s 8 months later :grinning: . Obviously +1 from me .

This is done for the next version 19.06.

Brilliant, thanks @shotcut :grinning:

Thank you so much. I think Shotcut will gain in efficiency thanks to its users.
Good continuation.

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Woo-hoo! Thank you!