Right click mute and/or a marker on the muted video

I have a couple suggestions I’d like to add but it looks like each one should be a new thread to get voted on. I have been editing free craft videos for my library for the public and trying to keep it very simple to get them out as soon as possible and realized there are a few feature suggestions that would save me and hopefully other people in my situation some time.

Right click a video click -> MUTE or GAIN then I can drop the gain down.

I speed up many sections when the teacher stops speaking where I add I then here audio hiss as it’s sped up playing. I do this so often and it takes a bit more time each time I do this step. It would definitely help to see which sections are muted with maybe a visual indicated icon over the muted clip.


Out of curiosity, have you ever tried accessing the Filters list through the keyboard shortcut “F”? I do it all the time and it speeds up adding filters by quite a lot. So when it comes to the Mute filter I can do it pretty fast. I select a clip, hit F then right away type out “mute” and press enter.

As far as the visual indication of a muted clip, there was a feature added to Shotcut a few updates ago that when you mute a whole track the waveform is faded out a bit letting you know that track is faded. It’s useful and it was done so that instead of shutting down the waveform and having to build it again in case the tracks’ audio is activated again it just fades it out. Your suggestion made me realize that it should also be done when the Mute filter gets added.

Thanks @DRM. Don’t get me wrong, that does help enabling mute but the amount of times I have to mute a clip in a single video, every speed shortcut will save me time. Thanks though I should have mentioned that I use the F hotkey. The big thing then is sliding through the multiple clips I split the video into, I can’t tell by just browsing through the timeline which ones I muted.

Yeah. That’s why your suggestion makes me think that the visual fading of the waveforms should also be done when the Mute filter is added.

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Yeah there is a Ctrl+M hotkey to mute the track which does as you said and greys it out but I just want to mute assorted clips in the track :slight_smile:

I know. I agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face: What I am saying is that graying out of the waveform when a whole track is muted should also be extended to the Mute filter which goes with your suggestion of a visual indication of individual clips being muted.

But I suppose you rather have an icon than the graying out of the waveform?

Actually I do like the idea of the whole waveform being grayed out and individual clips having a visual indication.

Yep. That would be nice. It is a feature present in some other editors I have used before. Camtasia Studio is one of those.
It even provides a draggable line on the audio waveform that you can pull up or down to increase/decrease the gain. That is also a good feature to have to immediately get a visual indication about the volume of a particular clip.

That would be incredible to have instant access to gain too. Of combined if gain is all the way down, it’s considered mute.

Hey @shotcut, Can you consider these suggestions?