Richtext filter works differently in different SC versions

Richtext filter (maybe other filters, too) work differently in different SC versions:

Here is an example:

The mlt file from 23.12 (where the text frame is ok) is opened with SC 24.04
Text frame is cropped and must be edited again.

I have had this problem for several years with different portable SC versions.
Files that have been edited with more or less old SC versions often have to be reworked when opened in newer SC versions.

How can I solve this annoying problem?

Look at the difference of character shapes between your 2 images


The “A”, “T” and “1” shapes are very different.
These are clearly not the same fonts.


But what is the cause of this?
Does SC 24.04 change the font of a mlt from SC 23.12?
Nothing is changed in the mlt in between.

And why do I keep having such problems between different SC versions?

I have now compared the fonts of the small text box (in the Richtext filter) in SC 23.12 and SC 24.04:

The same text type is shown in both versions:
Segoe UI

I don’t know the cause.
I just created and saved a project using Text: Rich in v23.12, and when I opened it in v24.04 I saw no difference.

Do you have the same problem with Text: Simple?

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Here is my mlt.

59s - Smash + Tippen auf Faust 01.mlt (43.8 KB)

I don´t use Text: Simple since years.

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I checked your MLT file

Opened in Shotcut (23.12):

Opened in Notepad++ to check the code:

In the MTL file, the font is set to MS Shell Dlg 2
But Shotcut uses the Segoe font.

I still don’t know exactly what happens…
But surely someone else will see this and maybe come up with, if not a solution, at least an explanation.

Just to be sure…
The 2 images in your original post, were they captured on the same computer?
If not, maybe you have the MS Shell Dlg font installed on one computer but not on the other?

MS Shell Dlg 2 is not a real font and should not be used. We use a component from a UI library that we do not make ourselves for the editor. Maybe certain editing scenarios (e.g. select all and delete or start over-writing) makes it revert to something undefined, and it falls back to this for some reason. We do try to default to Verdana on Windows.

Thanks for testing.

On the same computer.
They are open at the same time, with portable SC23.12 and portable SC24.04
The same happens, if thea are opened after each other.

They use different versions of the Qt UI library that we must upgrade periodically–more important than the Text:Rich filter. I am not going to stop upgrading that as it is too important.

I suggest you change the font used in this project to avoid the problem.

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I don´t know, how this font comes in use of my Text.
I have never deliberately chosen the font.

I use some of my mlt files for tens of months (sometimes even longer) and often only change the video content.

I always use the latest SC versions for this.
As soon as there are font problems again, I adjust the size of the box slightly. The rest usually fits.

If I open mlt from e.g. 2018 in newer SC versions, then almost nothing fits anymore. I have to edit the old mlt with very old SC. But that is an other story.

Is Arial also ok for SC?
I like it a little more than Verdana.

Yes, Arial is good especially Arial Black for very bold titles.

Thank you MusicalBox and shotcut for finding the problem.
Will try to change all fonts in my mlt-files to only well known fonts.

Maybe i can do it by using Notepad++ over hundert files simultan?!:
Find font-family:‘MS Shell Dlg 2’; and change to font-family:‘Arial’;

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Good idea.
Check for other fonts too
I the MLT you shared, there are some parts where Segoe UI is used.

Maybe limit your search words to font-family ?
It’s possible other fonts are present in the MLT files of other projects