Rich Text not rendering

Hi, I’m trying to put text in a video but it isn’t showing up in the final render. I’m on version 21.02.27. The text doesn’t show up in the preview either unless I have the clip it’s on selected.

This is with the clip selected

And this is with a different clip selected, but the playhead (I think that’s what it’s called) is still at the same position. It basically only displays the text of whatever clip i have selected, regardless of the playhead’s position.

Update: I tried upgrading to the newest version and it’s still doing the exact same thing

Try this: select all of the text, and change its color. Often this happens because somehow it became a transparent color. Otherwise, it works for me, and there is not enough information. You can also use Text: Simple or make your text in another program saved as PNG.

The color doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it. Some of the text is different colors, and it still doesn’t show up. I tried changing the text color again and the issue is persisting.

What do you mean by “not enough information”? (Sorry if that sounds aggressive, I don’t mean it to be.)

Some other ideas to try if you haven’t already:

  • Turn off preview scaling
  • Turn off proxies
  • Try changing Settings->Display Method

What is your operating system, how did you install Shotcut, and what font are you using?

I fixed it. I think the problem was with the track I was on.I added a new track with the transparent color thing and then applied a text filter, and it worked just fine. It wasn’t a layering issue, though. It might have been because there was no actual video on the track I was putting the text on? It was just an audio file, but I had it in a video track.
To answer the questions though, I’m on Windows 10, installed Shotcut via the exe, and I used a font I had made myself.

This is the core problem. I was going to ask when I saw .ogg in your screenshot, but those could also be Ogg Theora video. In any case, a video filter modifies video, and so it needs a video input. You see the text when the filter is selected because the video filter is set inactive, and the UI element for the editor is shown. Glad you figured it out!

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